Is Twitter Down?

Is Twitter Down?

As I was developing more Twitter features for app's integration this morning, my requests suddenly stopped responding. I thought to myself, "Crap, did I hit my rate limit again?" and "Did I get my IP blacklisted?" But, then I realized what was going on... Twitter is down!

I found a great site. I presume it checks Twitter's status in real time: Another great tool (for all websites) is

Twitter's own status page shows that it's up. Lame.

What I think is most interesting about today's outage is the perception of feeling lost -- or maybe more appropriately, disconnected. Yes, I was in the middle of developing features that required Twitter's participation, but I there was still a sense of "I want to talk about Twitter being down, but where? Twitter is down!" It really made me realize that there's nothing that even closely compares to Twitter. Not for real-time communication en masse.

Twitter: Please don't go away again. You complete me.

UPDATE: What's even more interesting is that Facebook also seems to be having difficulties this morning. I wonder if it's an influx of traffic from would-be Twitter users.

UPDATE #2: There was mention of AT&T having issues today as well. I do have UVerse internet service and an iPhone, but I'm not sure what any problems I encountered were ISP-related. Can anyone confirm AT&T troubles?

UPDATE #3: I'm sure everyone knows by now, but Twitter is reporting a DOS attack. By the way, Chuck Norris doesn't have to attack you, his thoughts give you Denial-of-Sanity and you attack yourself.

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