Integrating Twitter and OAuth with ColdFusion

Integrating Twitter and OAuth with ColdFusion

Update: This article was written in 2009 and Twitter4J has significantly changed since that time. Several visitors have said that the instructions here do not reflect the most recent method names in Twitter4J. It seems that the newest version -- 2.2.x -- is incompatible with 2.1.x. You can view the official version logs for more info.
I hope to find time to update this article in the near future. Until then, I believe the process described in the article is still valid.

Adventures of Twitter Integration

So, it turns out that the timing of my new blog couldn't be better. I actually have something valuable to share!

Recently, I was tasked with integrating Twitter into a website that I work on ( I initially thought it would be a piece of cake because there's always another developer out there who has shared code for a similar concept. Imagine my surprise (and ultimately, frustration) when there wasn't any example or even good documentation to learn from.

Well, I finally figured it out and now I'd like to share my knowledge with the ColdFusion community.

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